Sunday, May 19, 2002

Ronford Styron
May 16, 2002

Chicken Streak Ends at Five.

Liberty County man exected for son's murder

LAST MEAL: Mexican platter with all the works, two classic Cokes, pickles, olives, and Cookies and Cream ice cream

THE SKINNY: Styron was sentenced to death for beating his 11-month-old son to death. Under Texas law, the killing of any person under the age of 6 can automatically be considered a capital case.

LAST WORDS: "I know where I am going," Styron said. Addressing his family, he added, "I want to see you there, so get your heart right. You know I love you and care for you." Styron then said, "I am going to go see my little boy now and I'm going to have some fun with him." Choking back tears, Styron addressed his family a final time, saying, "Y'all take care and I love y'all."

FACTOIDS: Styrondid not believe the child was actually his and was the product of an alleged affair by his wife.

Styron had a history of committing violent acts. He was discharged from the military after striking his sergeant and had attacked one of his neighbors, breaking his jaw.

Styron was the 12th Texas inmate put to death this year.