Friday, October 18, 2002

As a former baseball card collector, I feel..THIS MAN DESERVES TO DINE!

'Relieved' PGW worker loses his job
Perhaps he had grudge against Whiz Kids

MAYBE THE PGW worker was just having a bad day. Maybe the customer was a pain in the neck.

But was there any valid reason for the PGW worker to urinate on a customer's treasured sports- card collection?

PGW has reached a $4,500 settlement with Sims, whose valuable collection, gathered over many years, was allegedly damaged by a PGW employee who has since been fired.

What the utility worker apparently didn't know was that Sims, 40, had a video-surveillance camera that recorded the worker "in flagrante delicto."
PGW spokesman Harvey Clark confirmed that the employee urinated on the collection, but would not discuss further details about the incident. The identity of the employee also was not released.

But a union official representing the PGW employee denied that the worker had done anything improper or indecent.

The worker went to the basement, where he saw the customer's collection, carefully arranged in a place of honor.

For some reason, the unidentified employee took umbrage and urinated on the collection, Clark said.