Monday, January 06, 2003

More dining stats from 2001....

The average prison stay for those executed in 2001 was 11 years and 10 months, or about five months longer than the year before.
Three states housed 40% of all death row inmates at the end of 2001: California, with 603; Texas, 453; and Florida, 372. New Hampshire was the only capital punishment state with no one on death row.
The youngest person on death row in 2001 was 19, the oldest 86.
More whites than blacks were sentenced to death — 1,989 whites, 1,538 blacks.
There were 51 women on death row, compared with 36 a decade ago.
Capital punishment methods are changing, too. By 2001, 36 states had authorized lethal injection as the method of execution, compared with 22 a decade earlier. Since 1977, 584 of the 749 executions, or about 78%, have been by injection.

Alabama is among the most recent converts, switching from the electric chair to injection in May.

Yet some states still authorize, in certain circumstances, electrocution, use of gas, hanging and — in Idaho, Oklahoma and Utah — death by firing squad.

Ninety people had their death sentences removed or overturned by the courts in 2001, with Florida leading the way with 11. Of the 90, 46 inmates now are serving life sentences, and most of the others were awaiting new trials or sentencing hearings.

Seven inmates had death sentences commuted. Nineteen death row inmates died while awaiting execution.

What a year....