Saturday, January 25, 2003

January 22, 2003

Robert Lookingbill, not Michael Lookinland.....

Last Meal: Fried chicken, French fries, iced tea, apple pie, jalapenos, garlic bread, and vanilla ice cream

The skinny: Lookingbill was executed for beating his grandmother to death for drug money. He beat Adeline and Lorenz Dannenberg so severely with a heavy metal bar that the two died from their injuries. The bar, which was 54 inches long and two inches across, has been described as weighing "in excess of 20 pounds." Lookingbill later described himself as being "coked up."

Evidence: The case against Lookingbill developed quickly. The metal bar, with blood stains and hair strands which matched the Dannenbergs, was found in a nearby family shed. Police also quickly seized Lookingbill's pants, jacket and boots, which were splattered in blood. When the contents of his jeans pockets were inventoried, police found a total of $568 -- an amount Dannenberg's daughter later testified was about the amount of her parent's social security checks, which they had received a few days before.

Priors: Lookingbill had previously served less than one year of a seven-year sentence for aggravated assault.

Final words and such: "When it comes, you can't run from it and I'm not going to run," "I would like to thank all my loved ones that are standing over there for all the kindness and support you have shown me over the years," he said, referring to his wife, Brenda, and friends. "Be strong. Do not hate, but learn from this experience. It has been a blessing to know all of you. Don't forget me."

Factoids: The 75-year-old Mr. Dannenberg, who would survive for more than one year before dying from his injuries. Mrs. Dannenberg died 10 days later.

Lookingbill, 37, was the third convicted killer put to death this year in Texas.