Tuesday, February 18, 2003


The last meals keep rolling in....

1). Elizabeth D., New York City

One pound of BACON (not too lean, cooked medium-well), one can of whipped cream, one Ceasar Salad with extra dressing, chocolate milk, cherry cobbler (warm)

BACON, you can never go wrong with bacon.

Dan H., Olathe, KS leads off with a little last meal history. We thank him and we are one step closer to our complete last meal archives. First, the history....In 1992, Robert Alton Harris's last meal in California was a 6 pack of Pepsi Cola, two large pieces, and 21 pieces of KFC chicken.

2.) Dan H.'s last meal...
A small pepperoni pizza from Little Caesars, Crazy Bread, peaches, banana pudding, and two cans of Mountain Dew.

We admire Dan's restraint in ordering a SMALL pizza, the last time the DME editors ordered a small pizza was....well, we have never ordered a small pizza.

3). Tara B., New York City

caviar with toast points, steak tartare, flourless chocolate cake with liquid center.

This is the first last meal where the editors of DME have never had any of the items. We live a sheltered life.

4). Eric O. of parts unknown

bruschetta with mozzarella and extra basil, smoked salmon, toasted bagel with french onion cream cheese, 1 bottle Martini&Rossi Asti, General Tso's Chicken with extra onions, green peppers and pineapple, 2 7ups and 1 small Dairy Queen chocolate ice cream cake.

This is a candidate for our first DME party!

5). Noreen O'D. of parts unknown

2 chicken croquette and noodles smothered in sauce made out of cream of mushroom soup; small tossed salad with ranch dressing; two hot buttered dinner rolls and a 6 pack of beer.

DME will be back shortly...we're very hungry...very hungry.