Saturday, February 01, 2003

Granville Riddle (dined in Texas on Thursday) must have been quite the charmer. First, the attractive Swedish gal that he married on death row. Then on Thursday, received the following email from a couple of frauleins from the Deutschland.

Proficiency you do we help? We are Penpals of Granville Riddle from Germany.
We could find in the Web no topical side. We want with pleasure knows if the execution of Granville instead of finds. When they happen, how it happens. We look for information over our Penpal friend. We hope still on a respite.
Proficiency you we do information send, if does a result stand?
Dignities you do we inform if the execution instead of finds or if it does a respite give?
You are on 6 PM in Texas solid Hutsville.

Thank you

Manuela and Petra from Germany

DME is at a loss. We have never buried a tire iron in anyone's head and yet we eat our Hungry Man Frozen Dinners alone. Ole Granville used a guy's noggin as a tee-ball and he has a hot Swiss Miss and Germanic maidens all atwitter. Perhaps, a change is in order...though we do like being called Proficiency, whatever that means.