Friday, February 21, 2003

THE LIFE OF DAVID GALE.....has opened to "Generally Unfavorable Reviews." That according to our favorite movie review site....Metacritic!

At this site, "all scores given by critics have been converted to a 100-point scale in the table above. When a critic does not provide a score in his/her review, we have assigned one based on the general impression given by the review."

The score for T.L.O.D.G. is currently....26. It received a 0 from Ebert and the WSJ reviewer.

From Ebert...
The secrets of the plot must remain unrevealed by me, so that you can be offended by them yourself, but let it be said this movie is about as corrupt, intellectually bankrupt and morally dishonest as it could possibly be without David Gale actually hiring himself out as a joker at the court of Saddam Hussein.

From the WSJ...

Unlike "Dead Man Walking" and many honorable dramas before it, "David Gale" has nothing coherent to say about capital punishment, or anything else. It's a dead film lurching.

We were going to see the flick this weekend, but we need a good laugh so OLD SCHOOL here we come....Metacritic score...a respectable 53 (our old football number!).