Monday, February 03, 2003

Our first cease and desist e-mail!!!

The text....


I accidentally came across your website, where I discovered a picture
showing the recently executed death row inmate Granville Riddle with his wife.

Undoubtedly you took this picture from my own site at xxxxxxxxx. I did at no time authorize you to make use of that picture for your own purposes, which I obviously do not approve of. Therefore it is my concern to urge you to remove this picture from all your sites, should there be more than the one I have mentioned. Under the standards of current law as well as the regular standards of decency you have no right to randomly pick the property of others and display it on your website. Whereas I fully acknowledge your right to free speech and opinion, I hope that you will also respect my decision that this picture only be shown when and where I authorize it.

Thank you.

Xxxxxx Xxxxxx

Of course, DME doesn't want to stay where it isn't wanted (often, we don't want to stay where we are wanted), so the above-mentioned photo has been removed. Alas, we are saddened that we can't bring you the visual evidence that love conquers all, even the steel and glass of death row. Even if you bash someone's head in sixteen times with a tire iron...YOU CAN FIND LOVE! DON'T GIVE UP HOPE!