Tuesday, April 08, 2003

April 8, 2003


Last meal: stuffed crust combo pizza with extra cheese and drank a medium Dr Pepper

The skinny: Hawkins was executed for kidnapping a woman and her two children and later drowning the mother in a lake when he realized her family could not meet ransom demands. Hawkins and a co-defendant kidnapped the victim at a shopping mall parking lot. The men stole a few dollars and and she was chained by her ankle to the loft of a barn on the property. , while her children were kept separate in a house. The day after the three were abducted, the kidnappers decided the family could not pay the ransom. Hawkins and Shelton then dropped the children off at the home of a baby sitter and took the woman to a lake. The men had tied her up, and Hawkins drowned her because he thought she would be able to identify them in court.

On the Lam: Hawkins and Shelton were arrested two months later in California, and each confessed to the murder and kidnappings

Last Words and such: ''I've got peace. The state needs vengeance for the crime I've done. They're going to punish my body, but Jesus has forgiven me...I'm truly sorry I got everyone into this."

The Partner: Shelton was sentenced to life in prison for his role in the crime.

Factoids: Hawkins was the sixth man Oklahoma has executed this year, and the 61st since the state resumed implementing the death penalty in 1990. Oklahoma has now passed Missouri for third place, trailing on Texas and Virginia.