Wednesday, May 21, 2003

DME.COM reader's last meals.

Lord O. of parts unknown....Frankly, my reponse is Oh, Lord...

His menu:

1 16oz bear steak, 1 16 elk steak, pan fried tators, 3 cans ski soda1 pot cooked coffee over a open flame and a tray of diff cheese's

A couple from's own backyard...

jeff p., of jakarta (not our backyard) and los angeles (our backyard)..

okay. first course: smoked salmon and tuna with soy sauce and wasabi lemon sorbet to cleanse the palate lobster-fried rice in the Malay style, with a 12-pack of Mug root beer, so cold it hurts to kiss the edge of the glass AND a Niman Ranch rib-eye steak, cooked black and blue (charred on the outside,
bloody at the core) with a good knob of Irish Kerry butter melting over it AND a full order of chili-cheese fries from The Hat in Alhambra, jalapenos on the
side and a big glass of ice-cold milk (i'd finish it, don't you worry: the man can take my life, but he cannot take my appetite!!!!!) dessert? home-made mint and coconut ice-cream my friends are tricky- ONE of them could figure out a way to smuggle in a pint of vodka and a pack of Camel non-filters would say if you are going to The Hat in Alhambra, have the pastrami as well...

jeff also sent in a last meal for...

bernadine w., redondo beach, california

not that she would ever do anything wrong...lobster tails, crab-stuffed jumbo shrimp, mashed potatoes, home-made mac and cheese, green beans, biscuits with lots of butter...and a birthday cake with lots of butter frosting and fresh-brewed coffee.

Is there anything better than home-made mac and cheese?