Monday, May 05, 2003


Sorry about the lag. The editors of hit the midwest for a little baseball tour. 3 guys, 3 cities, 3 games, 24 hot dogs, ?? beers, a couple of pork sandwiches, nachos, one pina colada in Detroit (mmmm...), various ice cream products and, at ice cold Wrigley, watered-down hot chocolate that was the best thing I ever tasted. Plus, we hit four places from the great book, "Eating Your Way Across the U.S.A." Highly recommend that book to all diners, death-row or otherwise.

But, we are back to biz tonight. The reader's last meals keep pouring in, including our first from Africa, South Africa that is and we have a little issue of a reservation in Indiana from last week that we need to update you on.

Check back late tonight or early tomorrow morn. First, I need some zzzz's and something for an upset stomach.