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July 23, 2003

selling guns out of the trunk...

Last Meal: Ransom did not request a last meal.

The Skinny: Ransom, who attacked one of his own attorneys and a prosecutor during his capital murder trial was executed for robbing and fatally shooting a gun dealer, one of four slayings authorities linked him to during a 17-day period in 1991. (Spree!)

More skinny: Ransom, along with three others, went to the home of, an optometrist, was also a licensed gun dealer and sold guns out of his car trunk. When the victim opened up the trunk of his car, one the guys grabbed two firearms from inside. At the same time, Ransom grabbed the victim by the back of the head, hit him, leaned him over the trunk of the car, shot him one time.

Pre-trial excitement: At the conclusion of jury selection, Ransom used a smuggled 5 1/2-inch piece of broken glass hidden in his hand to try to stab one of his attorneys in the back. Ignoring orders from a bailiff to back off, Ransom turned his attention to a nearby prosecutor.

Neither was seriously hurt in the November 1992 attack, but both were removed from the case.

Prosecutor quote: Besides the Dec. 7, 1991, slaying of a optometrist and part-time gun dealer prosector Bland said, Ransom was involved in three fatal robberies of convenience stores. "Most people go to an ATM to get cash," Bland said. "He'd go to convenience stores and not leave any witnesses."

Final words and such: In a brief final statement, Cedric Ransom thanked a friend and a spiritual adviser who were present.

"You have been beautiful to me. Without you in my life, I would not have been able to make it like this. Probably I would have put up a good fight. You have calmed me."

Ransom told them he loved them. As the lethal drugs began taking effect, he told them, "I'll be OK."

Factoids: Ransom was the.....
47th murderer executed in U.S. in 2003
867th murderer executed in U.S. since 1976
19th murderer executed in Texas in 2003
308th murderer executed in Texas since 1976

In 1997, he made an unsuccessful escape attempt from death row. Ransom and fellow death row inmate cut through a fence at the Ellis I Unit with a hacksaw blade, climbed onto the roof and made a run for the two perimeter fences. The attempt was foiled when a guard spotted the inmates and ordered them to stop. Both did.

This summary was compiled from various news accounts.