Saturday, October 04, 2003


A very international flavor...Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom. spanning the globe.

Katie K., Sydney, Australia, october 4, 2003
2 McDonalds Cheeseburgers, Small Fries, Medium Diet Coke, Large bottle of Dr Pepper, 4 Dairy Milk chocolate blocks and 1 bar of Peanut Brittle...hopefully i shall never have to request this...


Martin N., Oneco, Connecticut, october 4, 2003
the menu: a 32 oz london broil with A-1 Steak sauce and sautee`d onions, a 2 quart pitcher of grape Koolaid, a caeser salad with some thousand Island dressing, nachos, and bazooka bubble gum.


Stu R., N. Stoke, Okon, UK, october 4, 2003
Starter--Duck Foie Gras with Cointreau jam and olive oil croutons
Second Course: Coq au Vin with thyme-and-rosemary-roasted new potatoes
Main course: Steak and ale pie with honey roast carrots, garlic-stirfried greens and mustard mash
Breather: Warm bacon and fennel salad with girolles and creme fraiche
Dessert: Hard Brie, Y-fenni Cheddar, Emmental, Jacobs Cream Crackers Treacle Tart and home made custard!!


Richard V. of Windsor, Ontario, Canada , october 4, 2003
the menu: A lamb medallion (medium rare), a Dr. Pepper on the rocks, one slice of a Supreme Lovers pizza from Pizza Hut, one of those little tubs of Haagen Daaz
ice cream (vanilla), some onion rings, fetticini alfredo, and half a Subway Southwestern Steak Sub with no olives, extra hot peppers. To top it off, I would want a sprig of parsley to make my breath nice, along with a single S-Mint.

Alternately, if I wasn't feeling up to a large meal, I would request a bowl of Campbells Cream of Mushroom Soup, made with 2% Milk, piping hot with some Cayenne Pepper, Fresh Ground Black Pepper, and Salt on the side. A few saltines and the Dr.Pepper would accompany.