Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Welcome to the Halloween edition of Reader's Last Meals. Aptly, a couple are downright scary. Overall, I think this just beat international last meal month.

First, Pissed from (A hearty welcome to all the vistors from Pull up a chair, you will feel right at home here.

I would have two big burritos, the two pound kind! 2 Tacos, a 2 liter of Coke, some jalapeno peppers, a whole boston cream pie, and for desert I would have a couple of steak fajitas. mmmm last meals

Klownzo in Minneapolis, Minnesota goes Jackson Pollack with....

1/2 pound of rumaki, 1/2 raw onion. 1/4 chitterlings, 2 Taco Bell chili cheese burritos, and 3 scoops of mint chocolate chip ice cream. Put all of the ingredients in a blender and blend well. Hopefully Iwill blow chunks on the last walk.

Footnote: My last words would quote Johnny Garrett in Texas... "to my friends and family I love you... The rest of the world can kiss my ass"


1 lb. bacon
4 cans whole water chestnuts
1/4 c. soy sauce
1/2 c. brown sugar


Cut bacon in thirds. Wrap a strip of bacon around a water chestnut and poke a flat toothpick through the bacon and water chestnut. Continue wrapping water chestnuts with bacon until finished. Place each water chestnut that has been wrapped on broiler pan. Cook until bacon is crisp. Mix soy sauce and brown sugar together in bowl. Place each water chestnut with bacon in sauce and marinate for a couple of seconds. Serve hot. Serves 10.

A couple of gals who appear to attend Saint Louis University.

First, Chris A. of St. Louis, MO

Since I have several meals, appetizers, desserts that I just love - my request would be ridiculously huge. 16oz juicy fat steak (no bone, no fat) + bake tator, sour cream, chives & xtra butter; candied yams + cold turkey breast on white with mayo; chicken & seafood alfredo fettucini & cheese tortellini; Taco Bell: nachos supreme + 2 taco supremes + chicken soft taco supreme; Steak n Shake: 2 large cheese fries + double steak burger with lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion, mayo and mustard + cup of chili; chicken fried chicken with white gravy + fried chicken breast + mashed tators, gravy & corn; potato skins, shrimp cocktail, cheese sticks & toasted ravioli with marinara sauce; Olive Garden: calamari with marinara sauce, & 2 orders of mussels; Chili's: southwestern eggrolls + corn on cob; Jacks pepperoni pizza & Dominos pepperoni & pineapple on thin crust pizza; chicken caesar salad; sweet n sour chicken, crab ragoon (4) + egg rolls (3) with sweet n sour sauce; Grandma's pot roast with carrots & xtra tators + taco plate & tortilla chips + debris and toasted rolls + chicken rice n roni + tuna noodle casserole; deer salami, cheddar cheese and HiHo crackers; scrambled eggs, ham & cheese omelet, Denny's covered and smothered hash browns, toast with butter and grape jelly, bowl of malto meal with brown sugar and brown sugar oatmeal; White Castles: lg. choc. shake + double cheese burger + cheese fries; bowl of rice chex cereal and milk; DQ: lg. banana pudding blizzard; orange; scoop of mint choc. chip & choc. chip cookie dough ice cream in waffle cone (Six Flags); plain cheese cake; fresh strawberries and powdered sugar; moist choc. cake (no icing) & vanilla ice cream; root beer float; 2L cherry coke with ice; sweetened tea; & finally 1 gallon 2% milk.

I think that is all of my favorites and would want to experience each and everyone of them one last time before I was put to death.

And, Clare of Fairview Heights, IL

If I were to have to have a last meal it would include the following items. A dozen fried shrimp with cocktail sauce, one order of crab ragoon with sweet and sour sauce, one order of fried rice with soy sauce, nacho supreme from Taco Bell, chicken soft taco supreme from
Taco Bell, chicken mcnuggets with honey and bbq sauce, 5 orders of cheese fries from Steak n' Shake, one pint of Ben and Jerry's Uncanny Cashew ice cream, 2 cheese enchiladas, one chicken quesadilla, sour cream, one large BBQ chicken Hawaiian Pizza from Papa Johns, chicken fried chicken with white cream gravy, one turtle cheesecake from the Cheesecake
Factory, one pint of Rocky Road ice cream, five toasted ravioli, five potato skins, one gooey butter cake, chocolate chip cookies (hot out of the oven), gallon of 2% milk, one bacon cheese burger from Burger King, one roast beef and cheddar sandwich from Arby's, one box of Coca Puffs cereal, one order of smashed potatos with lots of butter and cheddar
cheese, some grapes, a chocolate malt,one chocolate frosty from Wendy's,
lots of Cherry Coke and finally one bag of Milky Way candy bars. Really now....who is really going to watch their figure on death row. I am going all out!

Perhaps a list of what these two gals don't want is in order...