Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Last week Spanish filmmakers...this week, Swedes. Can anyone help them out?

The e-mail...

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice posts final meal requests dating back 21 years, and officials say the list is the most popular part of their Web site. Brian Price, a former Texas prisoner who prepared 171 final meals in Huntsville, is publishing a cookbook called Meals to Die For.

Please My name is Lars Bergstrom, and I¹m currently doing research for a Swedish
TV-documentary dealing with the history and contemporary tradition of the last supper. We are trying to map different cultures and countries use of this last gesture of mercy in connection with the death penalty. The film will discuss pro and against issues of the capital punishment through focusing on this ritual. Please can any body help me to get in contact with Brian Price

With best regards,
Lars Bergstrom

If you can help Lars, he can be reached at

I for one, look forward to Brian Price's recipe for Texas Death Row Fried Chicken...a favorite culinary craving of the Lone Star condemned.