Thursday, December 04, 2003


In response to the overwhelming press attention and public reaction to the story of the German cannibal and his volunteer, Bohemian Catfish Publications (publishers of DME) is unveiling a new website.

In addition to Dead Man, we are proud to introduce...Eating Dead An exciting new site dealing with the world of cannibals and their "meals."

We will have news; a personals section (where eaters and eatees can hook up); recipes, with a major emphasis on marinades and spices, for example, old drunks need to soak in covered water overnight to reduce the "pickled" effect and, finally, a word search puzzle.

The initial response has been off-the-charts. We have been in contact with a major cable channel about a cooking show. I am not at liberty to say which one, but the words Food and TV come to mind. And while they didn't say yes, they didn't say no either. We are currently working on our catchphrases like, "That's good eatin'!" or "Put on the Sansabelt Pants, we got a big one!" Feel free to email your catchphrase suggestions.

Also, there had been discussions with ABC about a new reality show called "Joe Cannibal". Where twenty beautiful, succulent women are on an island with a famous chef (actually, a chalupa-maker from Taco Bell) whom they think is looking for a wife. At the end of each show, there is the "garlic" ceremony where the "chef" hands a clove of garlic to that week's remaining contestants. When there is only one woman left, that lucky garlic-laden girl will have the choice of getting a MILLION DOLLARS and being cooked and eaten on "Good Morning America" or getting fifty bucks, not getting cooked and appearing on the "Today" show. Check your local listings for date and time.

Thank you again gentle readers for your support and we will keep you abreast of further developments as they happen.