Friday, December 05, 2003


From NYC to LA, Canada to Georgia....many tastes, all good...

Tim A. from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada...Caesar Salad, Full rack of Pork Back Ribs smothered in Texas Bold BBQ Sauce, Baked Potato topped with sour cream, bacon bits and shredded cheddar cheese, Large glass of Iced Tea, Slice of Cheese cake topped with Apple Crisp and drizzled with caramel sauce


Ed S. from Bradford, Ontario...a 16 oz. Keg New York striploin, medium, Chicago syle. Lobster tails with garlic butter sauce and a scewer of jumbo tiger shrimp, baked potato with onions, bacon and tons of sour cream. For desert Cherry cheescake smothered in caramel sauce. Nothing to fancy just some good old eats!!!


Anthony D, of Los Angeles...1 oz. chilled Beluga caviar, served with onions, creme fraiche, bellinis, 1 Caesar salad, 12 oz. broiled lobster tail w/melted butter, 1 rack of lamb cooked medium rare, encrusted with herbs, Garlic mashed potatoes, lightly mesquite-grilled, vegetables, vanilla creme brulee with raspberries, 1 bottle of Cristal


Bill Q. from New F'n York City...Dim Sum from Mandarin Court Chinatown, Hot pastrami sandwich from Katz's (Harry Met Sally restaurant orgasm scene), A steak (medium) creamed spinach & baked potato from Peter Lugers, Kasha knish from Yonna Shimial's on Houston (How-ston not U-ston), Strawberries and cream from the Plaza and all the Rheingold (NYC brew) beer I can drink.

Keep all the fried chicken and Dr. Pepper


d.g. from georgia...lobster tail served with a side of chilled boiled shrimp and cocktail sauce, greenleaf salad w/ red-wine vinegarette dressing, hot garlic rolls and melted butter, gin martini (bombay sappire) served shaken on the rocks w/ green olives

Ummm, Ummmm. Good....