Tuesday, March 09, 2004


Heather M (currently in Wisconsin, originally from Pennsylvania)

Despite the fact that I currently live in a state that has no death penalty, here's my choice for my last meal:

-Two Reubens, heavy on the Thousand Island dressing & 'kraut
-a whole bag of honey-dijon kettle potato chips
-a cup of HOT German potato salad
-two Whatchamacallit bars
-8 pieces of crab rangoon, with sweet-and-sour sauce
-a half pound of batter-fried mushrooms
-a cup of veggie fried rice
-2-liter bottle of Dr Pepper


scott from the T DOT (Toronto, Ontario , Canada)

okay to start breakfast will be a 4and a half pound serving of canadian bacon, two bowls of rice crispies with extra sugar.

snack>a 2L bottle of pepsi and a large bay of ruffles all dressed chips

lunch>my mommas special ribs

snack>a tub of cookie DOH! ice cream

and finally the last dinner> home made sheppards pie a double wopper with bacon (w/o pickle) and taco bell combos 1 through 8
(why you ask?) by the time the sherrifs injecting the leathal drugs into me ill probally make a HUGE LOG that they will have to clean up hahahahah


Robert F. of parts unknown...

Appetizer: Seasoned curly fries from Jack in the Box. Main Course: Cherry Elk (medium) with garnished roasted garlic potatoes. Small Ceaser salad. Pillsbury biscuits (about 3) Dessert: Toffe cookie from Ms. Fields.


James V. from parts unknown...

beef brisket,sweet potatoes,eggplant parm.,green beans cassorole,fresh cranberries and blueberries with whip cream and ice cold diet pepsi


Now for something completely different...

B.Smith of Tucson, Arizona

I think for my last meal, I would like to eat Dr. Laura Schlessinger.