Friday, April 30, 2004


FaRk N. from parts unknown...

1 24 oz porterhouse from The Metropolitan, accompied by steak fries, freedom onion soup, and a fat Maine lobster tail with lots of drawn butter.
1 6 piece halibut and chips from Ivars
1 medium ham and pineapple pizza from Pagliacci's
1 12 pack ice-cold Henry Weinhard's root beer
Dessert: One governer's full pardon written in his own blood


Karen E in AZ

Before I began eating, I would have to request that I be allowed my final insulin injection so I wouldn't be rendered unconscious before I could eat it all. Then again, maybe not as I could save the taxpayers money, and insulin injections use really small needles.

Appetizer: chips and salsa from Garcia's los Avenidos in Phoenix, hummus and pita bread, multiple crab rangoon, two really nice eggrolls with sweet and sour sauce and Chinese hot mustard on the side and two ice cold Diet Pepsi's

Main course(s): chili relleno from Garcia's with a flour tortilla and lots of their hot sauce, Red Lobster's shrimp in paradise, the special salad from Maria's in Rockford, IL, just about any pasta dish from Maria's, an In-n-Out cheeseburger and fries, Ribs from Box's in Rockford, a couple of slices of deep dish pizza (all veggies, no meat) from Vito's in Phoenix, a gyro from Uncle Nick's (in Rockford) with extra yogurt sauce, pork egg foo young from Grand Cafe in Bloomington, IL, three or four ice cold Diet Pepsi's. Might not seem like much, but I'm going for quality versus quantity.

Dessert: a pint of Dreamery peanut butter chocolate ice cream, one of those chocolate dreams from Carraba's Italian Grill, a mocho frappucino or two from Starbuck's, a pound of Brach's malted milk balls and a couple of slices of Guy's apple pie warmed with whipped cream, several ice cold Diet Pepsi's and at least one cup of Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee with lots of half and half.


Ben E. from Tucson, Az.

24oz prime grade beef tenderloin grilled medium rare over mesquite and topped with foie gras and black truffle butter. 12oz premium grade raw salmon, sashimi cut, with wasabi and soy sauce. Potato and turnip pan fried with garlic and black pepper. Half a head of iceberg lettuce in two wedges, topped with blue cheese and tomato. 1 cup cinnamon chocolate gelato. 1 large, ripe pomegranate.


tammy b. from parts unknown...

Personally, if i were on death row, i wouldn't ask for anything or expect anything to eat...I hope I wouldn't make it to the day of execution....Why should God bless me with a meal that I don't deserve? I obviously betrayed him by being there in the first place...


Rex B. from parts unknown...

2 Pots of English Breakfast Tea (milk or cream on side)
One glass of milk.
Caesar Salad with extra croutons and anchovies.
Batter-fried okra with hot sauce on the side.
Small French baguette with salted butter.
Steamed green beans, red bell peppers, and broccoli with ginger, rice wine vinegar, and soy cause.
Welsh Rarebit with eight slices of extra-thick bacon and sliced tomato.
Salted almonds and coffee ice cream.
Bittersweet chocolate bar.
Fresh fruit: apricot, melon, peach, McIntosh apples, and/or grapes.