Sunday, May 23, 2004


One cake with a saw hidden inside it.--Elliott N.

4 chicken thighs from KFC, a big bag of bridge mix, 1 lt. bottle of peach faygo pop
and enough peanut brittle to make the "check engine" come on.--William M. aka Big Willie

Dorothy 'Coco' T. from parts unknown...

Here we england clam chowder, shrimp scampi and prime rib from Black Angus; garlic mashed potatoes and gravy; steamed broccoli, carrots & pearl onions; collard greens and hot-water cornbread made by my mom; buttered yams; lemon meringue pie from Jungward's in Long Beach, California, and an Arnold Palmer (iced tea and lemonade)...


greg from washington, d.c., may 5, 2004

the menu:

hors d'oeuvres: beluga caviar with creme fraiche on water crackers, veuve cliqueot champagne

entree: pumpkin lune with grated almond biscuits, vintage tunina jermann 1999

plat: veal piccatta with artichoke hearts and capers, conterno, giacomo riserva 1988

dessert: creme brulee with raspberries, vin santo avignonesi 1991

&, with a big finish....

Sam A., from Mission, BC, Canada

My last meal request would be as follows:
-2 barbequed chicken breasts, marinated at least one day before with citrus/garlic marinade
-steaming hot mashed potatoes with garlic, butter, and green onions
-caesar salad with fresh soft croutons and iceberg lettuce, homemade dressing, no anchovies
-4 warm, fresh dinner rolls with butter
-garlic bread, loaded with butter
-Panago Hawaiian pizza, chicken taco pizza sans tomatoes
-platter of fresh fruit (grapes, strawberries, melons) and a variety of thickly sliced cheeses, all very cold
-thick cut french fries with ketchup
-Ruffles Sour Cream n' Onion chips
-6 freshly made California rolls with wasabi and soya sauce
-2 chicken burgers with lettuce, mustard, red onion, guacamole, ketchup, relish and pickles
-original Kraft Dinner, piping hot

for dessert:
-lemon meringue pie
-banana cream pie
-cheery pie filling and vanilla ice cream
-2 packages Reese Peanut Butter Cups
-nutless brownies, extra icing

and to wash it all down:
-ice cold lemonade
-ice cold skim milk
-ice cold Mountain Dew
-_mocha frappe with whipped cream
-and a 6 pack of Marca Bavaria, if only I were allowed...