Sunday, August 15, 2004

READER'S LAST MEALS...."Dead Like Me" Edition...


1, 1 Pound Box of Cheddar Cheese Nips, An Open-Faced Chilli Cheese Frankfurter from Johnnies in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 2, Pepsis, 1 Fanta Root Beer, 1 Fanta Red Cola, 1 Bag of Cheetos, 1, Shimp Cocktail and Scalloped Potatoes.


Justin A. from parts unknown...

1. Rack of Ribs.
2. Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail.
3. Cheeseburger.
4. French Fries with Ketchup.
5. Apple Juice.
6. Chocolate Shake.


S. Allen from parts unknown...

1. Whole Maine Lobster with Lemon/Butter Sauce.
2. Small Fillet Mignon Medium with Mushroom Sauce.
3. Artichoke with Mayonnaise.
4. Sliced Avocado
5. Soft Yeast Rolls
6. Angel Food Cake w/Chocolate Frosting
7. Six Pack of Pepsi with LOTS of Ice.

David S. from New Hampshire

The Menu:

I'll have a healthy helping of Vanessa's homemade lasagna.
(Because Vanessa says there is none better, ANYWHERE.)
I'll have a few cups of Larry D's Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee.
(Because if he drinks the whole pot by himself, the guards will
have to scrape him off the ceiling.) And finally, I'll have a
double layer chocolate cake with a file in it.

S. Reed from parts unknown...

1 sausage on homemade buttermilk biscuit, homefries with ketchup, bowl of cherrios with sugar, fruit salad, apple juice
Snack...warm homemade double chocolate chip cookies, 2%milk
Subway sandwich with turkey, tomatoe, mayo, peper jack cheese on warm parmesean bread, a bonless fried chicken breast with honey mustard, a ceaser salad, pitcher of strawberry/cherry kool aid
double fudge brownies, peanut brittle ice cream, peanut butter cookies, strawberry shortcake ice cream
1/2 portions of garlic mashed potatoes with gravy, candy yams, greens, creamy mac n cheese, onion rings, fried chicken, lasagna, enchiladadas, curry chicken, rotel a large dominos pepperoni pizza, alil greasy, with dominos bbq wings and cinna sticks, shrimp, philly cheese steak sandwich, whopper
Peach cobbler with extra crust and vanilla ice cream, cheesecake, moist chocolate cake with chocolate ice cream, chocolate shake, kool aid