Wednesday, December 08, 2004

The cavalcade of reader's last meals begin...sorry for the delay.

someone who left no name (tisi?) from someplace they didn't say..

eggplant parmesean, a box of texas toast, two falafel sandwiches (with hummus, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, parsley, tahini sauce), a bag of sour cream and onion chips, doritos, 2 2-liters of cherry coke, garlic mashed potatoes, gnocchi, 2 large double cheese pizzas, california rolls, skull meat, buffalo wings, cuban pork croquettes

John from NH

Medium hot buffalo wings with ranch dressing dip. About 6 is fine.
Filet Mignon wrapped in bacon - done medium.
Loaded baked potato.
Deep fried cheesecake with ice cream and whipped cream.
Three Classic Cokes with lots of ice.

Andrea from Versailles KY & my last meal would have to be:

Raw Oysters
Fried Oysters
Shrimp Cocktail
Eggplant sauteed in marinara w/ garlic
Vodka w/ strawberry banana light drink mix
Mixed spring green salad w/ oil and vinegar
Homemade German Chocolate cake

Christie S. Covington Washington

My last meal would be : 1 Large chicken ceasar salad w/ extra dressing and cheese, 1 plate of chicken parmesan w angel hair, 10 extra hot chicken wings from any chicken wing place in Georgia! Onion soup from a certain Japenese place and a salad with ginger sauce and for dessert 2 slices of carrot cake, 1 scoop of german choclate cake ice cream, and 1 piece of key lime pie. Also, 2 ice cold Dr. Peppers and 1 ice cold glass of milk Oh yeah, 1 grande quad _mocha with whip.

Jim G. from part's unknown....

fried cheddar-stuffed jalapenos and a bowl of hot she-crab soup

Main course:
Fried venison tenderloin (prepared by myself) with creamed potatoes, gravy from the pan I cooked the deer in, corn bread (cooked in an iron skillet) and pinto beans cooked with hickory-smoked bacon.

raspberry cheesecake

a full assortment of Stewart's old-time soft drinks.