Friday, December 10, 2004

Last Meals cont...from Cape Town to Hollywood....DME is beloved around the world...except in parts of Europe, where they don't really like us...

---Lucius O. Cape Town, South Africa

1 dozen Mossel Bay Wild 0ysters (served ice chilled with 1 fresh lemon, and Tabasco Habanero sauce)
12 Fresh Grilled and Butterflied Mozambique Tiger Prawns with Lemon Butter and Peri Peri sauces
Marinated Springbok Chateaubriand with roasted potatoes and creamed cauliflower.
Roast loin of honey glazed Pork with fresh applesauce, crackling, green peas and buttered garlic mashed potatoes.
1 small jar Dat-il-do-it Pepper sauce
Cape Gooseberry-Blueberry Pie with double thick whipped jersey cream and two scoops of Godiva Chocolate Ice-cream
2 slices Young Amsterdamer Cheese, 2 slices of aged White farmhouse cheddar, 2 slices Blue Tower, 1 slice Cape fairview Brie.
2 wholemeal Digestive Biscuits and 2 pickled onions. 1 pickled walnut. 1 preserved Fig.
4 Ice Cold Dr.Pepper and One mug (Mug not cup)of Nescafe Coffee (with milk and 3 sugars) One Dunhill King size and matches.
A Toothpick.

Derek from parts unknown....

Soup: Cream of potato with grated cheese and bacon
Salad: Watercress with viniagarette; captain's wafer with monterey jack cheese slices
Appetizers: Oysters Rockefeller, stuffed mushroom caps
Main Course: 12 oz. filet mignon, 2 crab cakes, onion rings, battered and fried mushrooms, sauteed mushrooms.
Dessert: Triple fudge cake (made with chocolate cake mix, chocolate pudding and chocolate chips.
Drink: Coca Cola, chocolate milk with dessert.

Al S. from the Philly area, Pennsylvania

As many of those yummy Red Lobster biscuits as possible, 2 plates of Hooters wings with extra super atomic hot sauce, 3 bean and cheese burritos, 1 Pat’s Cheesesteak, 1 case of Surge soda (hey, screw you, doesn’t matter if they took it off the market!), 1 Bottle Crown Royal, 1 Box of Kraft Easy Mac, 2 MacDonald’s double cheeseburgers with ketchup and pickles, 1 cherry pie, 1 peach pie, a really juicy orange, chocolate mousse, and for dessert, my girlfriend ;-)

:)Darla - Hollywood, CA.
Hearts of lettuce & tomato salad with ranch dressing, two-inch thick ribeye grilled medium-rare, broiled lobster tail with melted (not drawn) butter, baked potato with butter & sour cream, mushroom caps & garlic sauteed in butter, olive oil & marsala wine, rice pilaf, asparagus spears with lemon and hot sourdough dinner rolls. For dessert, burgundy-cherry
cheesecake. Beverage, a six-pack of Stewart's Key Lime Soda. Either that or a Jumbo Burrito and a Cherry Coke from Taco Lita in Arcadia, CA.

chris r. of manor, florida
200 jumbo shrimp with cocktail sauce a 16 oz t-bone steak a case of ice cold bud ice
2 1 liter dr peppers a fith of jack daniels and a bag of onion rings