Sunday, December 12, 2004

NFL Sunday's Reader's Last Meals...

mark s. from parts unknown....
a twinkie 1 bottle of prune juice and a peanut

emma f. from sydney australia
no frills vanilla ice cream with mint chocolate ice magic and a strawberry flan

Kerri from College Station, Texas

2 bacon cheeseburgers from Fuddrucker’s, cheese fries from The Deluxe Café, 2 steak fajita enchiladas from Papasito’s, one of my grandmother’s lemon pies, an ice cold Vanilla Coke (in Texas, you can’t request alcohol with your last meal, but if I could: a shot of tequila, a buttery nipple, and a peach margarita).

saa03mackayhaz from the U.K.

We would like

Some octopus
A large chinese takeaway
A large indian
A 24inch Pizza extra cheese and chicken
10 KFC'S with extra fried chicken
lots of french fries with ketchup and caviar
Cheeseburger without gerkins
4 litres irn bru
4 litres pepsi
20 bottles of sparkling peach water
1 large ice cream tub of Mackie's
A hot chocolate cake with whipped cream
Apple pie
40 small tubs of ambrosia custard

Shane "=P" Lowmaster calling in with his last meal.

I want a full course meal
Appetizer: Bread sticks from Olive Garden (None of this salad crap, give me those carbohydrate rich bread sticks!) and pasta.
Drink: Diet coke, with some cherry syrup in it. Lot's of cherry syrup.

Main meal: Shane's Special Bacon Burger ( a one pound burger, with ten (ten!) strips of apple cider cured bacon, with a side order of buttered cinnamon toast (lightly toasted), two poached eggs, AND a nice, eight ounce sirloin. Mmmmm, meat.
Drink: Vodka Icee: another one of my magnificent creations! Take a big old' freezer pop (Those things that are nothing but sugar and water, frozen) out it in a blender, add in a half bottle of vodka. Blend until it's nice and smooth. (No, I don't give a damn if they don't let you have alcohol. This is my last meal, damn it, and I want to go out only half-sober!)

Finally, desert (who wants to bet I can shove down my throat?) Lemon Meringue Pie. There is nothing better then lemon meringue.