Tuesday, December 07, 2004


The 2004 Death Row Dining Guide is now available. All the last meals and last words of the year in one handy 12 page .pdf file.

It includes....

the state-by-state breakdown for this year and, also, since 1977...by execution method...by race...

the updated last meal request of the dme.com editors (Pinks hot dogs in L.A. is replaced by Detroit's Lafayette Coney Island!). Plus, other changes.

Everyone's favorite Food Category Breakdown...most popular entrees, vegetables, beverages and desserts.

Of course, this Dining Guide is free, free, free. But, we ask that if you find the guide helpful or enjoyable or morbidly informative, please consider hitting the Paypal button on the left. A couple of bucks would help keep the site going. The only income we receive is from the sale of the deadmaneating thongs and we have only sold four of those. At $.25 profit each, it will be a while before we can enjoy any pineapple with mayonaisse--the choice of one of this year's diners.

Also, if you missed last year's guide, here is your chance to grab the 2003 Dining Guide. It was a very good year.