Tuesday, December 14, 2004

THE SCOTT PETERSON'S EDITION OF READER'S LAST MEALS...(check back in 15-20 years for his).

Nick F. from Liberty MO
I'd want either 64 Oz of Robotussin or and entire gallon of skim milk.
Either way, i'm gonna barf on everybody on the way to the chamber.

Nick C., Fontana, California
The Meal:
1 medium Graziano's pizza with pepperoni, pinapple, sausage, olives and bell peppers
1 lb. of spicy buffalo wings with ranch dressing
Fried chicken from Popeye's with red beans & rice, mashed potatoes & gravy and 2 biscuits
To Drink:
If possible, a gallon of Michelob or a Margarita on the rocks
(I know alchohol is prohibited, but I can dream right?)
A 64 oz. Orange Julius
Warm peach pia a'la mode. and 3 Camel cigarettes

-James P. from Detroit, Michigan
3 Eggs (over medium), 3 Pancakes served with ChoppedPineapples and Whipped Cream, 2 Pieces of French Toast, 1 Large Hash Brown, 5 Strips of Bacon, 3 Smokey Links, and a Slice of Ham. With two cups of Coffee.
2 Coney Dogs and a large order of French Fries. Also a large glass of Coke. 5 Strips of Bacon and a cup of melted cheese on the side, to top the hot dog.
3 Pork Chops, 5 Strips of Bacon, a full slab of Pork Baby Back Ribs, well-cooked French Fries (served underneath all of the pork so the juices seep into them), all with a large cup of applesauce.
To drink:
3 Large Glasses of Slightly Chilled Coke and 2 Cups of Coffee.

Fysh, central point, Oregon
the menu:
3 cheesy gordita crunches from taco bell, 2 bean cheese and sour cream burritos from taco bell,
2 corn dogs, tater tots with ketchup, country fried steak, mashed potatoes, steamed carrots, 1 cheese cake and 6 Bawls energy drinks.'

Michael H. from parts unknown....

Full rack of baby back ribs(preferebly Hawaiin style ribs from Chris n' Pits) 3 Mountain Dews, 3 Mountain Dew Code Reds, 2 Cheesburgers with the works, chili, fried calamari, hot fudge sundae, cheese pizza, Marie Calander's Chicken Fettucini Alfredo TV dinner, and since it would be my last day on earth, Hash Brownies and a big bowl of weed, extra wraps.