Saturday, December 18, 2004


Raine S. of parts unknown...
My last meal would consist of...
1. Turkey Cobb Sandwich on buttery, herbed Focaccia Bread with blue cheese and crisp pepper bacon.
2. Shu Mai and curried meat pockets (dim sum)
3. Swiss cheese fondue with Rye bread cube
4. Grilled sheese sandwhich with sharp cheddar, brie, and minced garlic on sourdough bread.
5. Lemon custard cheesecake, and creme brulee
6. 4 shots of Patron Tequila with two Marlboro Medium cigarettes

M. Prozac from parts unknown....
Lobster with drawn butter
Potato with chives, sour cream and butter
A cob of corn
Fava Beans
The Head of My Executioner

Anon in the beautiful Midwest
Appetizer: Two wedges of spanikopita, two stuffed grape leaves with lemon sauce. A small Greek salad with a few kalamata olives & good sheep's milk feta cheese. Green grapes.
Main course (assortment): One fried chicken breast from Popeye's with cream gravy for dipping. Creamed spinach with lemon juice. Small bowl of jambalaya with chicken and shrimp served with Green Tabasco. Slice of turkey breast topped with sage stuffing and turkey gravy. Small dollop of sour cream mashed potatoes sprinkled with crumbled bacon.
Dessert: Small piece of tirimisu and a small piece of dense dark chocolate cake topped with a chocolate covered strawberry.
All courses to be served with a fresh tall glass of unsweetened iced tea. Many Marlboro Lights 100s between courses.

Brian J.,of Goodsoil,Saskatchewan Canada
The Menu:
two pieces of tenderloin steak
2 lobster tails
20 shrimp
a baked patato with butter and bacon bits
2 pieces of peperoni and shrimp pizza from panago
2 cans of Coke
4 crab legs
10 bread stick from pizza hut with dipping sause
some pretzelz
3 reasons
asparagas with butter and real lemon
neopolitan ice cream

Lara from Brisbane Australia
Prawn cocktails for entree, Montezumas Mole Poblano with some nice cold coke (in glass), a side helping of double bacon burgers from Hungry Jacks and for dessert, a block of Cadbury 'Snack' chocolate.