Sunday, December 19, 2004


Kaitlyn C. and I am in Oklahoma City,OK
Breakfast:French toast,eggs,bacon,sausage,orange juice,milk,oatmeal,fruity pebbles,and biscuits with gravy
Lunch:Grilled cheese sandwich,ribs,fajitas, egg roll,cocoa pebbles,vanilla Coke,Chocalate creme pie,Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, Ramen noodles the oriental kind,black cherry Kool-aid,gummy bears,gummy Jolly Ranchers,and Hershey bar

raymond l d. of parts unknown...
my moms spagetti french bread milk chocolate cake and 2 pepsi and a
ceasar salad

Shanie M. Phoenix Az
The Menu

12 Flour Tortillas
2 cans Taco Bell Refried Beans
1 pound Chedder Cheese
1 large container Sour Cream
1 bottle Hot Real Salsa (not picante)
1 chicken Sandwich mayo only
1 Quarter Pounder with cheese
1 container Orange flavored chicken
2 Snickers Bars
2 Cheese Enchiladas
4 King Crab legs with melted butter.
1 gallon milk

And after all that beans and cheese and 4 bottles of BEANO!!!!!!

Coke B. Jr. of parts unknown...
Shrimp scampi from Red Lobster (thirty shrimp's worth)
A large Idaho baked potatoes with butter, salt, and pepper
A pomegranate
Deep-fried, breaded okra
Two lamb chops - medium, seasoned, not breaded
A big, warm, soft pretzel with that big chunky salt
Meatballs with onion, pepper, and beef broth
Campbell's Chunky clam chowder
A sliced tomato with salt
Banana bread
Two Jack-In-The-Box egg rolls
A piece of cheesecake
Peanut brittle
Four large, chilled plastic bottles of Evian
A bottomless cup of dark roast coffee with a little sugar (NOT cappucino or espresso)

Doris V. of parts unknown...
My last meal would be 1 large denver omlette,6 bacon strips,2 slices of ham,homemade diced hash browns with chives,3 cheeseburgers,large order of fries/gravy,4 tacos,chicken ceasear salad,large bowl of clam chowder,2 slices cheesecake,cheese perogies with sour cream,cabbage rolls,2 -2 litre bottles of Pepsi,Jug of chocolate milk,sheppard's pie,loaf of banana bread with butter,s/s ribs,mashed potatoes/gravy and any type of ice cream with nuts in it.