Friday, May 20, 2005

May 12, 2005

Last Meal: Miller requested sliced beef brisket, pork spareribs and a Coke.

The skinny: Miller was executed for beating and stabbing an Oklahoma City motel clerk and pouring acid down his throat.

More skinny: The twenty-five year old victim worked as the night auditor for the Central Plaza Hotel located in Oklahoma City. He registered a hotel guest at approximately 3:15 a.m. Shortly thereafter he was attacked by an assailant who stabbed him repeatedly, beat him with hedge shears and a paint can, and poured muriatic acid on him and down his throat. He was discovered two and a half hours later, still moaning, by a motel housekeeper.

His responses to police were mostly unintelligible, but did understand him say his attacker was a black man who wore gray pants. He died later that day at the hospital from blunt force trauma to his head.

All of the evidence against George Miller was circumstantial but substantial. Miller's sandals could have left the bloody footprints found at the scene, but could not be exclusively identified. A microscopic drop of blood found on Miller's sandal was consistent with the man's blood, but also could not be exclusively identified. Miller told police he was home with his wife at the time of the murder. The Millers were divorced by the time of trial, and she testified he was not home; he had taken her car keys from the place where she hid them under the mattress and left. The evening before the murder, Miller was broke and tried unsuccessfully to borrow money from several different friends including one who lived at the Central Plaza Hotel. The morning after the murder, Miller gave his wife one hundred and twenty dollars. When questioned by police about this, he claimed he had cashed a paycheck. When they reminded him he was not working at the time, Miller denied he gave his wife the money. One hundred twenty-two dollars was missing from the motel cash drawer. Miller had worked as a maintenance man at the Central Plaza Hotel for two weeks about a month before the murder. The vicitm knew Miller, but knew him under an alias, Jay Elkins. Photographs of the crime scene revealed what appears to be finger-writing in the blood on the floor and wall which could be the word, "Jay."

Last words and such: Strapped to a gurney inside the death chamber, Miller nodded to his mother and other family members who witnessed the execution. "I love you," were his final words.

Factoids: Miller was the...

21st murderer executed in U.S. in 2005
965th murderer executed in U.S. since 1976
2nd murderer executed in Oklahoma in 2005
77th murderer executed in Oklahoma since 1976