Saturday, August 27, 2005


mathieu l.

same thing as the prison's director.

Jason K
New York, NY
Age: 27

1 small plate of cheese grits (Velveeta
and sharp cheddar only)

1 7 oz. filet mignon, rare, seared in
salt, pepper and extra virgin olive oil

1 plate steak fries, skin-on, w/ Hellman's
mayonnaise and Heinz ketchup (separate)

1/2 lobster roll with two lemon slices
(no celery)

2 glasses fresh squeezed lemonade
1 glass sweet tea (homemade)
1 Crème Brulee with blackberry sauce
2 buttermilk biscuits with unsalted
butter and honey

Tamed - Terry from Texas

2 fried eggs over medium on top of my porter house steak that is cooked
medium rare. Baked potato loaded, with real bacon bits. Broccoli al dente. fried
mushrooms, sauteed mushrooms and onions. Fried chicken livers, Philadelphia
cream cheese and celery, hot buffalo wings, 1 pot of coffee for
breakfast, 1 for lunch, 1 for dinner, and a cup 10 min. before the
execution. 1 dozen cheese stuffed jalapeno peppers. My moms fried chicken,
Mashed potatoes, My moms baked turkey with her corn bread stuffing ( as made on
thanksgiving) , 3 cans of sardines in olive oil,1 fried pork steak, watermelon,
cantaloupe, orange, platter. 2 fresh peaches. chef salad, 2 chili
rellenos with cheese sauce, guacamole, tortilla chips, butter, avocado. 4
Hot sausage patties, 1 gallon ice cold water on the rocks( all 3 meals) . 6
deviled eggs( mayo, little salt, and pepper). 3 packs of Marlboro lights
100. A lighter or matches . Lemon meringue pie made by my mom only.
Hopefully The drugs they inject me with would make me barf my
guts out and lose all controls of my bowels while laying on that
gurney dying because This country thinks it OK to kill people. The death penalty
is just a legal way of doing it. That's not our job its Gods.

hungry man ,Texas
chicken fried steak ,mashed potato's, sweet cream corn, 2 enchiladas, 2 tamales, popcorn, Hawaiian pizza stuffed crust, cheese stuffed jalapeno from church's chicken, biscuit & gravy, one slice of my family meatloaf, super bacon cheeseburger from steak & shake, chili cheese fries from sonic, 1 fish bucket from long john's silvers, cheese sticks, calamari,one egg role, loaded baked potato with real bacon bits, chocolate covered crispy cream donut, baked fish, 1 tuna sandwich, 2 hot links, 1 sardine sandwich, Gallo pinto a Mexican rice & bean dish, broccoli and cheese soup, Broccoli and cheese on the side,popcorn shrimp, corn dog from sonic's, spaghetti and meat sauce w/ meatballs, chicken nuggets & gravy, 7 crackers w/ Philadelphia cream cheese, banana pudding, 2 Dublin Dr. peppers from the Dr. pepper factory in Dublin, Texas, water, lemonade, Wendy's chocolate shake, 1 bottle of yoo-hoo, vanilla coke, 1 pint of super chunky monkey ice cream from ben and Jerry's, box of cordial cherries, 1 cherry cheese cake, pumpkin pie, key lime pie, Godiva chocolate bar, and lastly a box full of every kind of piece of gum from all over the world that is all.

I know that if I actually requested this menu on death row, they'd laugh and bring me a cheeseburger. But, if there were no limits, here's what I'd request for my last day on earth.


A heaping stack of pancakes with butter and maple syrup, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, grits, and biscuits with gravy, washed down with a glass of freshly-squeezed orange juice.


Chili dogs with mustard and chopped raw onions, with a side of onion rings and french fries and some cold iced tea.

Afternoon snack:

Turkey with gravy and stuffing, mashed potatoes, candied yams, buttered rolls, and pumpkin pie with whipped cream.


Gin martini straight up with two olives, followed by two dozen raw oysters, steamed clams, clam chowder, three steamed lobsters with corn on the cob, washed down with a cold six-pack of Bud, followed by a gigantic chocolate ice cream sundae with a cherry on top. Followed by a Montecristo #2 (that's a cigar).

Midnight snack:

A bottle of Jolt to ensure that the lethal current of electricity is properly conducted.

That's my request,

From Kevin in New York