Friday, October 14, 2005

Reader's Last Meals...Rolling Stone Reader's Last Meal's that is...

Chris G. from Costa Rica, October 10th 2005
The Menu;
6 Fried Chicken Strips from KFC, 1 French Dip Roost Beef Sandwich from Arby's, 1 large serving of Fried Onion Rings, 1 large order of Alaskan King Crab Legs served with Melted Butter, 1 Cheese Cake from the restuarant Spoon, 6 pack of Soft Taco Supremes from Taco Bell, 1 bowl of Gallo Pinto (Costa Rican dish consisting of Rice and Beans), and finally 6 Pints of Guinness Beer served at room temperature, and 1 Pack of Marlboro Reds with 1 Zippo Lighter.

one extremely fresh pipin hot burger from mickey dee's with nothin' on it but cheese and ketchup even though i dont eat red meat, a cherry icee super large, some of karl's chicken wings four to be exact, one chicken taco from los comales, one full can of reddi whip to be eaten at once with a small cone from tastee freeze a can of red bull and a larce pitcher o' water to drown myself in right after you smoke some good california green sam r. chicago this better get posted cuz im hungry.

my last meal would consist of well for breakfast 10 sauges 10 strips of
bacon 10 eggs 10 pancakes and a huge pitcher of orange juice for lunch
i would take three pices of bread one pound of roast beef one pound of
ham one pound of turky a head of lettice and a whole bottle of mayonaise and
make a sandwitch and for dinner a huge bucket of kfc chicken and pop and 1
triple layer chocolate cake filled with lacitives and a huge milkshake with
vomit inducer in it but i would eat it 10 minutes before exicution so i could
mess my self and vomit on evrybody and then die laughing.

Anthony,S portland,or

Robert from Helsinki, Finland

-One Big Mac
-Pizza with peperone, mozzarella-cheddar, tomato and salami
-Fried chicken wings and legs
-Chocolate chips ice cream
-Two bottles of Finnish Koff-beer

jim b. from parts unknown...
Three White Castle double cheese burgers; meatloaf sandwich; large
french fry; large onion rings; 20 piece chicken wings; baked fish with
butter and lemon; Michigan meat pies with dark gravy; potato pancakes
with butter and salt; order of smelt; 3 coney dogs with the works;
small peperoni pizza; 3 eggs over easy, hashbrowns, sausage and rye

toast; bowl of grits with butter and salt; strawberry pie.
-One bottle of Pepsi Cola