Saturday, October 01, 2005

Reader's Meal...Octoberfest version....

A Burger King double whopper with cheese, extra mayo (just this once) and large fries. A large extra cheese, extra pepperoni pizza. A six-pack of ice cold Corona and, for dessert, a fat Cohiba cigar and a bowl of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.

Dave S.
Harrisburg, PA

Erik H. L.
Anything that would make me vomit, so that they would have to move the execution!

2 steamed Maine lobsters (Big ones)
5 lbs. King Crab
2 cups drawn butter
12 oz. New York Strip
2 large baked potatoes w\sour cream, butter, sautéed mushrooms
A big salad with everything except onions
1 whole key lime pie (made by my girlfriend)
4 big ears roasted corn
3 slices Texas toast
1 pitcher sweet iced tea
1 pitcher ice water
1 cigar (at least a $10 one)
Patrick B. from Alabama

I have changed my mind and decided upon the following for my last meal:
Tongue burning hot chicken Pad Thai with extra peanuts, sprouts, and green onions
Hot and sour soup
2 spring rolls with hot mustard sauce
eggplant the way it's made at Club Med
Cracked conch
Conch fritters
Bazooka Joe bubble gum
Cohiba cigars
And a nice Merlot! I don't think that's asking too much!

Me being the glutton that I am, my last meal would
likely change daily, but here goes for one:

Three bacon, spinach and onion crepes, six slices of
rye bread with butter and sausage gravy, An order of
fried clams and steak fries from L.J. Silver's with
Utah style fry sauce, 12 KFC biscuits with butter
packets for each one, three orders of mashed potatoes
and gravy from KFC, and an extra large buffalo chicken
pizza with pineapple.

To drink, 4 two litre bottles of orange seltzer.

For desert, three orange custard style Yoplait
yogurts, three navel oranges, and a pound of jelly


Allison Park, PA, USA

Tiffany-S. Detroit Michigan corona with lime thats it