Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Don J. from Nebraska

2 filets of farm raised catfish fried
2 filets of cod fried
2 fried chicken breasts
1 dozen fried shrimp
1 large pepperoni pizza with extra cheese from Valentino's in Lincoln,
Ne (the best in the world)
1 runza (a local Nebraska thing)
4 cheese frenchies from Kings (an old Lincoln chain)
1 head of iceberg letuce
1pkg of small baby carrots raw
Large order of onion rings
Large bowl of white rice
1 bowl of grits and grunts
1 dozen dinner rolls
1 large bag of peanut M&Ms
Large glass of iced tea
Large bottle of Dad's root beer
2 bottles of good Scottish ale
2 bottles of good brown ale

My mother's cooking, it will kill me without the need to find a vein

Elizabeth, New York City

Amanda M. of parts unknown...

5 scrambled eggs, sauteed mushrooms, prime rib (medium rare) with horseraddish sauce. Creamed spinach (like boston markets) squash casserole. Broccoli and cheese quiche, garden salad wtih green and black olives. onions, tomatoes, and lots of hard boiled eggs chooped up wtih ranch and thin thousand island dressing. BBQ pork and spghetti with melted mozzerla cheese and lots of meat sauce and meatballs.
dessert 3 tbsp of cheesecake and 3 tbsp of peach cobbler and to drink apple juice, diet sprite, and V-8.

vegetable lo mein, veggie burger, cotton candy ice cream, and mashed potatoes.. oh and iced chai latte

Mary, MA

Chris E W. of parts unknown...

Bacon wrapped scallops, 1 lb of bacon, 10 slices of white buttered toast, 2 fried eggs, pack of Marlboro Reds

jnr c. of parts unknown,,,

corn & crab soup followed by small rib eye steak with broiled mushrooms, green beans, creamed mashed potatos, iced tea, & for desert, boston cream pie. (enjoyed the articlesl)