Sunday, June 04, 2006




My name is Steve Bowden and I thought you might like this piece I've just produced:

Your site is an fascinating read to say the least.

"The Museum of Capital Punishment introduces this Stainless Steel tray as a platform for debate. Playing the role of both museum and souvenir, it juxtaposes two portraits. One through appetite, the other through paperwork."


I went to school with Carlton Slawson ( Long School, Concord, NC) from the first grade until about the seventh grade. He was, without question, the shittiest kid that I have ever met in my life!!!!!!
David H.

I love your website and I really appreciate all of the work that you put into it. After Texas removed their Last Meal info from their website, you were there to provide what no other was providing. Thanks to you, those who find this interesting can still be informed. Any chance in the future of adding photo`s of those eating the LAST MEAL? Texas provides photo`s of most of their death row inmates. and since a lot of those eating last meals are in texas, you would have easy access to those photo`s. Just wondering...
Anyway, just wanted to drop you a few lines and to let you know, I drop in to visit and that your website is appreciated.


Chris B.

DME REPLYS: Adding pics is on our "to-do" list. Sadly, we are having trouble finding the time to do the bare minimum for the site. However, we are in talks regarding a DME book and if that happens, then look out. Pic-o-rama!


To whom it may concern,
I do sincerely hope that this e-mail will be at least read and taken into some form of consideration. I just wanted to express my views towards your website ---;
Perhaps I am somewhat biased considering my views and opposition towards the Death Penalty as a whole. But regardless of someone's views on this subject I do not think anyone would be that callous and cruel to publically document inmate's last meals before they are murdered by the State let alone make a mockery of it.
At the very least I can only begin to comprehend why people would be interested in stuff like this. But again, making up your own slogan, "Looking for a killer meal?" as well as the website name itself is just sickening beyond words. Not to mention touching upon the subject of giving people their own chance to recreate their own "Last meal".
I suppose people get some sort of sick kick out of this. See it as a form of cheap entertainment perhaps? Whatever the reasoning I just want to say I hope you realise the severity of how much this could affect people - such as myself - who have first hand experience with people on the Row.
Right now I figure you are probably thinking something along the lines of "What about the victim's and their families?". To answer that for you; I do not in anyway condone the actions that these men and/or women have done. My extreme condolences and sympathy go out to these victim's families. But killing another person is never going to bring your loved one[s] back. People say it is justice. But when it comes down to it to take a life when a life has been lost is not justice -- it is pure revenge.
If you had made it down to here than I thank you for taking the time to read this e-mail. Whether it was taken seriously or not is another matter. However I just wish to reiterate I hope that you realise the sort of pain this website causes to many people around the world. Perhaps you are all for the Death Penalty or perhaps you just want to make a mockery of it? Who knows. For now that matter will remain untouched.
Yours sincerely,
Ben W.

Thanks for your rational, well-reasoned letter. You made many great points and obviously the site is not for you. We suggest you do what we do with sites that bother us...we avoid them. Of course, you can buy lots of National Sports Schedules and make that publication so profitable, that we will have no time left to chronicle any meals...for the living or the dead.