Tuesday, June 06, 2006

READER'S LAST MEALS 6-6-6 edition....

Gloria Burke of Baytown, Tx

menu items for my last meal...

Okra gumbo with rice no chicken lots of potatoe salad with eggs, onions, and pickles. Casa Ole's chips and dip all 3...Red, Green and cheese. Crawfish not seasoned on the shell but in the water. Veggie lovers pizza no bell pepper add pepporoni. Huge salad with homeade ranch dressing. Gallon homeade lemonade and a 2 liter Dr. Pepper. Pecan pie, apple pie, and some sort of chocolate pie. On the side I want some music playin in the background...prefer Otis Redding and Percy Sledge.

todd eisenhard
allentown, pa

filet mignon, medium well
one dozen clams
baked potato w/sour cream and chives
pork and sauerkraut
busch's baked beans
6 cans of mountain dew
tiramisu, entire cake
one dozen bbq wings
a bottle of ranch dressing
a big mac from mcdonalds
broccoli and cheese balls, fried
tuna steak
general tso's chicken
four frog legs
a large bowl of neopolitan ice cream w/whipped cream, sprinkles, and a cherry on top -- stem included
package of black licorice twizzlers
quart of vanilla milk
large bag of beef jerkey
large order of onion rings
shrimp scampi
bag of skittles, large
one slice pumpernickel bread
a communion wafer

and if you accept this, my last words would be: "i have to return some videotapes."

and the following is my girlfriend's:

kat waters
allentown, pa

fettucine alfredo
two bagels with vegetable cream cheese
crab-stuffed flounder
two fudgesicles
large bag sour patch kids, red only
vanilla milkshake
two bottles cherry coca-cola
pint of strawberry milk
assortment of pints of ben & jerry's ice cream
a chicken gyro, chicken and cucumber sauce only
large order of chicken quesadillas from friendly's, extra sour cream
strawberry shortcake
ham and cheese omelette with a side of ranch dressing
shredded hash browns covered in melted cheddar cheese
seedless fresh cherries
quart lipton lemon iced tea
bucket of crushed ice
six cream cheese wontons
three giant pink pixi sticks
three sunny side up eggs
three pieces of very light toast with margarine
gallon of hawaiian punch
a sedative, since they offer those; i request the strongest they have, to be taken directly before my meal
varied mind-altering substances in to-be-specified doses, all high quality
one pack marlboro 100 cigarettes and method of lighting them
one sandwich made of one part carmen electra, one part dave navarro, and one part myself
pitcher of spring water with crushed ice
and a final dessert consisting of at least one hour involving angelina jolie, her tongue, and the parts of my body which i choose

last words: "the young child of an officer asked his father if they had found a particular bad guy, to which his father said they had and that the man was going to be sentenced to die. the child asked who would kill the man, and his father told him that the government and police officers like himself were all part of the act. his son considered this before asking 'but daddy, if you can kill that man for killing someone, who will kill you?' i was arrested for playing god, for committing murder, a crime that is legally and morally wrong. apparently this rule does not apply to those involved in my sentencing and execution. may god have mercy on your souls."

vinchenzo b.

For my last meal, I think I would go with a large serving of pufferfish
(I'm gonna die anyway right?) a Mountain Dew (from a can, not plastic
bottle), an ice cold coke from one of the original glass bottles (circa
1960s), buttered toast, seventeen scrambled quail eggs, an apple
stuffed with colby jack cheese, a fresh fruit smoothie with
strawberries, a bananna, and raspberries, and chocoloate/vannilla twist
ice cream in a cone.

Colleen M. from Waterbury,CT writes:
Breakfast would be 4 buttermilk pancakes with whipped butter and Caro syrup,8 sausage links, 2 buttermilk biscuit and scrambled egg sandwiches ,1 cup of McDonald,s coffee and 1 venti caramel macchiado from Starbucks,2 blunts and a 1/2 pack of Newport 100's.
Lunch would be a full rack of baby back ribs from Damon's in Cheshire with broccoli in cheddar cheese, mashed potatoes w/ gravy, 5 Ruby relaxers ,strawberry cheescake, 3 more blunts, 2 Vicodin,1 oxycontin,2 500mg Ibuprophin and 1/2 pack of newports.
If I make it to dinner, I'd have Seafood Medley in linguine , fried cauliflower in ranch sauce, Alasken King Crab legs in drawn butter, eggplant parmasen, Tall chocolate cake , a six pack of smirnoff , 4 blunts, 4 vicodin,3 oxycontin and a full pack of newports...by then I know my ass is dead but even if not-I'll be ready to die

Sara R.

The menu:

Ladies Filet from Northwestern Steakhouse, Shrimpin'
Dippin' Broth from Bubba Gump's, Ultimate Feast from
Red Lobster, chili lime chicken strips from Dairy
Queen, Chicken Broccoli from Hunan, Chocolate chip
cookie dough cheesecake from Cheesecake factory,
cherry coke, Mr. Pibb, chocolate milk, turtle frappe,
and cranberry juice.