Sunday, June 04, 2006


Hillary Sanchez
DR #7033579 S
Terrell Unit
Huntsville, Texas

last meal :

Starters - foie gras, lightly marinated with cream sauce, enriched with herbs and spices with tiger prawns
Entrees - caesar salad mixed with olive oil and rich mushroom soup with a slice of garlic bread
Main Course - Steamed whole baramundi, drizzled with almond flakes, topped with butter and cream, with lightly salted asparagus and baked potatoes in butter
Closing - Beef kebabs in Texas bbq sauce and a whole Australian lobster drizzled in garlic and mayonneise
Desserts - Good old tiramisu, infused with vodka and gin

Drinks - One bottle of Walker Martini with a free flow of Spinelli's caramel latte

"johnny d" from parts unknown...

Chef For my last meal I would order a Bucket of Hot Buffalo Style Chicken Wings, 2 Super Mighty Tacos (hot), side dish of Mexican rice and a bowl of Beans and Sauerkraut (Serbian food) with a fresh loaf of Vienna Bread and butter.To drink I'd like a quart of Dad's root beer and a quart of A & W's Cream Soda. For dessert: 2 Chocolate eclairs. Feed Me

hi there!
if i was sentenced to death, my last meal would probably be something
i've loved all my damn life. i'd DEMAND a dozen oysters, a rare, thin
stake sprinkled with crushed garlic, salt and pepper with a good
handful of home fried chips. broccoli dripping with butter and of
course fried cherry tomatoes because i can't get enough of them. then
i'd have a thick, mousse type chocolate cake complete with a cherry
or two. after all that, i'd calm down with a milky coffee and
cigarette, ready to die.
lots of hugs and love, louis.

Breakfast: 2 poached eggs on top of toasted rye bread with hollandaise sauce. A Cuban coffee
Snack: Cool Ranch Doritos with Guacamole, Grape Juice
Lunch: Rueben on Rye with extra sauerkraut and thousand island, pickle, Red potato salad with Dill and a Peach Iced Tea Snapple
Dinner: Fried Calamari with marinara, 16oz steak bloody as heck, Greek salad, side of garlic mashed potatoes, and a big glass of water with lemon
Dessert: Box of Doughnuts (lemon filled with powdered sugar, sour cream, blueberry, raspberry filled glazed, and the chocolate ones with the white cream in the middle)

Sasha Grimm, Sylva North Carolina

Laura from Gainesville Florida.

Last meal:

Spicy Tuna sushi roll with Fresh wasabi and ginger.

Fried Soft shell crab, with hot bread and tartar sauce and Cole slaw.

? dozen steamed oysters with crackers and Sriracha hot chili sauce.

My mother’s homemade apple pie with whipped cream and a coffee two sugars and cream.

I would also request a marathon showing of all of John Hughes 80’s films while I was eating.

And I would like to be wearing my favorite shirt (a old black faded Cure “In between days” shirt) and my fuzzy slippers.

Whats sad is, I kind of what to go on death row now, just to see all of this laid out in front of me.

Appetizer: Spicy boneless buffalo wings from the 99 bar and grill with tons of blue cheese dressing, fries from in n out burger, animal style and a large chocolate shake with whipped cream, sprinkles, and a cherry. A california roll, ten different kinds of sashimi sushi, mostly tuna and salmon. a bowl of soy sauce mixed with wasabi.

Main Course: Fillet mingon medium rare underneath a slice of baked ham underneath melted cheese covered in chives and shredded fried onions, garlic mashed potatoes drowning in giblet gravy, a slab of grilled cajun sword fish and another slab of Mahi Mahi tuna, half rack of texas style BBQ ribs, (cooked for 10 hours), a millenium chili dog from Pinks in LA, an In n out burger, (double double w cheese) two tacos with hot sauce from Tito's in LA, Spicy sausage pasta with marinara, a carnival style italian sausage with peppers and onions.

Desert Pies. All sorts of pies. Every single pie that is delicious with vanilla ice cream. Chocolate cheesecake, 6 layer chocalte cherry cake with frosting so thick you can take it off in one piece, a cookie dough blizzard from DQ's, and a tray of homemade fudge brownies, drowned in vanilla ice cream, and too many krispie kreme donuts to count.

drinks: red bull, every kind of dunkin donuts latte with whipped cream, a dunkin donuts iced coffee, no 8 of them. A vanilla coke, a lime coke, snapple iced tea, nesquick, bannana smoothies.


Colleen M. from Waterbury,CT writes:
Breakfast would be 4 buttermilk pancakes with whipped butter and Caro syrup,8 sausage links, 2 buttermilk biscuit and scrambled egg sandwiches ,1 cup of McDonald,s coffee and 1 venti caramel macchiado from Starbucks,2 blunts and a 1/2 pack of Newport 100's.
Lunch would be a full rack of baby back ribs from Damon's in Cheshire with broccoli in cheddar cheese, mashed potatoes w/ gravy, 5 Ruby relaxers ,strawberry cheescake, 3 more blunts, 2 Vicodin,1 oxycontin,2 500mg Ibuprophin and 1/2 pack of newports.
If I make it to dinner, I'd have Seafood Medley in linguine , fried cauliflower in ranch sauce, Alasken King Crab legs in drawn butter, eggplant parmasen, Tall chocolate cake , a six pack of smirnoff , 4 blunts, 4 vicodin,3 oxycontin and a full pack of then I know my ass is dead but even if not-I'll be ready to die