Sunday, May 27, 2007

January 17, 2007

...Mac & Cheese...

Last Meal: Moore had a final meal request of Kraft Cheese & Macaroni and Beef Flavored Rice-A-Roni.

The skinny: Moore, 32, a self-described fascist who adopted the dark punk and goth lifestyle was executed by lethal injection for the slaying of a San Antonio police officer 12 years ago.

More skinny: A San Antonio police officer was driving home from work when he spotted a burglary in progress at a residence. The officer, who was still in his uniform, pulled into the driveway of the residence, blocking a car occupied by Johnathan Moore, Pete Dowdle and Paul Cameron, who were finishing their second trip to burglarize the home.

Gun drawn, the officer approached the vehicle and repeatedly ordered the three men to get out of the car to no avail. After taking the car keys from Dowdle, the driver, the officer approached the passenger side of the car with his gun drawn. Moore, who was in the front passenger seat, pulled out a .25 caliber automatic gun and shot the officer. Moore got out of the car, recovered the car keys and returned them to Dowdle. Moore then grabbed the officer’s gun and shot the officer three times in the head.

Moore was arrested the next day following a high speed chase. Following his arrest, Moore signed a full and detailed confession. His accomplices, who were arrested a short time after his arrest: Peter Dowdle is serving a 25-year prison term. Paul Cameron is serving a life sentence. He becomes eligible for parole this July.

Flight risk: Moore made at least two failed escape attempts from jail while he was in the lockup awaiting his murder trial.

Mom: During the punishment phase, Moore's mother shouted profanities at lawyers for both sides from the witness stand and was arrested after deputies said she bit a court bailiff.

Thoughts from Moore: He said that at the age of 20, he was enamored with guns, the punk/goth lifestyle, and the film "Natural Born Killers," and that he was mean and usually stoned.

Last words and such: Moore repeatedly apologized to the officer's widow. "It was done out of fear, stupidity and immaturity. I’m sorry. I did not know the man but for a few seconds before I shot him. It wasn’t until I got locked up and saw that newspaper, I saw his face and his smile and I knew he was a good man. I am sorry for all your family and for my disrespect — he deserved better." He wished her happiness. He told his father that he loved him. Then he addressed a sobbing woman. This was a woman he'd met and fallen in love with by mail. Her name was now tattooed on his knuckles and he'd reportedly married her days earlier. "Quit the heroin," he said.

More on the girlfriend/wife: The previous Friday, his girlfriend, Naomi Madsen of New York, filed for a marriage license at his request. "I don't need the piece of paper, but I wanted to make him happy before he dies," said Madsen, whose nickname, Lily, is tattooed on Moore's knuckles. "I'm in love with him."

Factoids: Moore was the...

3rd murderer executed in U.S. in 2007
1060th murderer executed in U.S. since 1976
2nd murderer executed in Texas in 2007
381st murderer executed in Texas since 1976

The San Antonio Police Officers Association chartered a bus so about two dozen officers could honor their fallen colleague.

The vigil outside the prison had been muted. The officers and their friends held fluorescent batons that glowed softly with a shade of police blue. Some had graduated from the police academy alongside the slain officer. Others were widows of officers who had died in the line of duty.

Still others didn't know the man personally but still felt a personal stake in punishing Moore, who had shot his victim six times at close range. "I would push the needle (myself)," said Teddy Stewart, president of the San Antonio Police Officers Association, which had organized the pilgrimage.