Saturday, June 09, 2007

MY HORSE FINISHED 5TH AT HOLLYWOOD PARK LAST NITE (as the huge favorite) version of Reader's Last Meals

my last meal: Large pizza with mushrooms and onions, lots of french fries, ketchup, loaf of warm bread and butter, 2 liters of Pepsi, a bottle of wine (I alcohol), and peanut butter ice cream.....

Lena S.


Am I allowed to have the full 3 meals? If so, I will choose:


3 eggs over easy, cheese omelette with green peppers, mushrooms, and
ham, 3 slices of heavily buttered toast, 1 slice of fried spam, 1 side
of homefries and hashbrowns, 10 slices of bacon, 1 slice of fried
french toast, orange juice and apple juice.


1 bacon cheeseburger, 1 order fish n chips (with skin on potatoes), 1
lasagna from Pizza Hut, 1 fried wing (extra crispy) from KFC, 2 orders
of salmon and snapper sashimi with rice, 1 bowl of NE clam chowder, 1
order of Thai green curry with pork, cherry coke and fresh lemon iced


lobster sauteed in alfredo sauce, stir-fried clams in spicy sauce,
Japanese miso ramen with HK fish balls, 2 slices of pepperoni pizza, 1
order of cheesy garlic bread, 1 bowl of Vietnamese pho, 1 order of
Caesar salad, 1 slice of tiramisu, really cold ice water.

It makes me sad to think about this, but it's nonetheless amusing, of
course, I have to be in the company of my loved ones (namely, my
mother) when I'm polishing off these last meals of mine.

Becky from Boston, MA

I'd request a gun, then shoot alot of people and run.

Love, Imogene Xo

My final meal would be called the blown "O" ring special!
1 24 oz bowl of Chili with extra black beans
1 dozen deviled eggs
3 heads of boiled cabbage
3 large bean and cheese burritos
5 bowls of baked beans
1 can of large kernel corn
1 can of peas
More chili
1 keg of dark beer
1 pot of black coffee
1 gallon of hot sauce
1 large order of nachos with the fake cheese.
5 green apples
12 jalapeno peppers
1 dozen prunes
1 large cabbage salad.
2 bags of raisins.
2 cans of peanuts
1 after ex-lax dinner mint

I also request that the warden shout "load tube one" and when they throw the switch the warden is to shout " Fire in the hole"
Stand back and enjoy the show

Lumpy the guy on the gurney

Tommy F. from parts unknown...

my last would be: an oyster po-boy sandwich, 20 shrimp and cocktail sauce, a carne asada torta, warm bread and spinach dip, a quart of chocolate milk and, 2 cans of grape soda