Sunday, June 10, 2007

Seems to me if I was really sorry for what I’d done (bad enough to deserve
death)-and wanted the world to know that I’d changed I’d make up a grocery list
a mile long and will it to a homeless shelter. Great Site – Spent the whole
night reading. Thanks for your hard work, Crystal G.

My last meal would consist of:

1. Chicken, Steak, Bacon quesadillas (2)
2. 2 Tacos
3. 1 slice of Pizza
4. French fries
5. 1 bottle of RC Cola
6. 1 bottle of water
7. 1 carton of milk (soy milk)
8. Chocolate pudding (1)

Leana Jo Murphy-Hover
Prescott, Az.

Hi, I'm John from Glasgow, Scotland. My last meal would be as follows:

Small bowl of Chicken and Sweetcorn Soup
One small portion of Lasagne
One Veal steak (well done) served with grilled mushrooms and Potato
One small portion of Beef Fajitas
One half of a fresh pineapple
One bottle of Southern Comfort

Many thanks!


Tommy F. from parts unknown...

my last would be: an oyster po-boy sandwich, 20 shrimp and cocktail sauce, a carne asada torta, warm bread and spinach dip, a quart of chocolate milk and, 2 cans of grape soda.

Tbelk from parts unknown...

I want a 4 lb. lobster with 16 oz. of claified butter
1 large pizza from Pizza Hut (4 cheese with stuffed crust)
12 Biscuts with home made white gravey
3 deep fried chicken breast
2 Qts. of Orange chicken
16 oz. of may tag blue cheese with ritz crackers
12 bottles of mugs diet root beer
Stick a fork in me I'm done..............