Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Minty W. from Azkaban...

Being a dementress it will take an awful lot of food to feed my tummy
I'll have
150 bacon & marmalade sandwiches
120 bags of Dutch crunch potato chips
175 Mcsweeney's pepperoni sticks (all kinds except original)
assorted chocolate bars.

I hope this works.

The menu:
1 gyro, I loaf of Imo's cheesebread, barbequed porksteak, garlic mashed potatoes with butter, 1 slice each of double fudge cake, pecan and key-lime pie--with whipped cream; 1/2 pound of raw white rice, soy sauce, Ranch dressing, 1 each (washed) raw zucchini or cucumber, carrot and celery; chocolate icecream, sweet tea or 2% milk.

I'd considered adding, '1 bottle magnesium citrate or Ex-lax' but assumed it would be prohibited. Instead, I would invite the guards to watch me pleasure myself with the vegetables.


Alvin Karpis Male 28 Redding Ca.

KFC 3 pc leg and thigh meal with mash potatos & gravy and Mac & Cheese, biscuit 2 butters 2 grape jams 2 honey mustards. 2 large cokes,hot apple pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top, pack of Newports and as many Percocets as they would allow. I would request a 12 pack of Great White but would most likely get denied.

Joe V from Oxnard, CA

Meatloaf, brusselsprouts, and ice cream

Frank l

3 bacon,lettuce,tomato sandwiches on toasted whole wheat
1 can of anchovies
1 quart of 2 % milk
1 quart of orange juice
1 bowl of strawberries
chocolate milkshake