Monday, July 14, 2008

May 27, 2008

...blew all but $170 of the $9,000 they stole on prostitutes, marijuana and clothes....

Last Meal: Green requested a last meal but did not want it disclosed.

The skinny: Green, 31, was executed by injection for killing the owner of a store during a robbery a decade ago.

More skinny: Green entered a convenience store with his 16-year old nephew, David Green. As part of their store operation, the owners regularly cashed checks for employees of several nearby businesses, including a lumber company that paid its employees on Friday of each week. Consequently, they routinely went to a bank on Fridays to obtain sufficient currency to cash payroll checks for the lumber company employees. Green had worked for the lumber company for approximately eight to ten weeks during the preceding spring, and had frequented the grocery store at lunchtime, after work, and on Fridays to cash his payroll checks.

Green shot the owners, a wife and her husband. Green then stood watch while a bank bag with $9,000 in cash and a handgun was taken. Green shot the woman again before he ran out of ammunition and left.

The two fled to Washington. They returned several days later, were arrested and admitted to the crime. Green tOLD them he and his nephew took a bus to northern Virginia and blew all but $170 of the $9,000 they stole on prostitutes, marijuana and clothes.

The woman was shot four times and husband was shot twice. He survived and testified against Green. He still has a bullet in his neck and one in his elbow. Ballistics experts matched bullets and casings found on Green's property with those taken from the dead woman.

David Green was sentenced to 23 years in prison.

The business never reopened.

The day of: DOC spokesman Larry Traylor said that Green met with at least one of his lawyers yesterday but did not meet with any family members. Traylor also said Green did not have a spiritual adviser yesterday.

Last words and such: Green was led into the execution chamber wearing blue jeans, a light blue shirt and slippers. He was strapped onto the gurney by execution team members. A curtain was pulled, blocking the view of witnesses while IVs were inserted in his arms. The curtain was opened again, and the execution appeared to start around 10 p.m.

Asked if he had any last words, Green said, "No, I don't got nothing to say."

Factoids: Green was the...

3rd murderer executed in U.S. in 2008
1102nd murderer executed in U.S. since 1976
1st murderer executed in Virginia in 2008
99th murderer executed in Virginia since 1976

The execution took place about an hour later than scheduled.

Virginia ranks 2nd only to to Texas, which has executed 405 people.