Thursday, November 20, 2008

November 6, 2008

Last Meal: Manns had a final meal request of fried chicken quarters, two dozen fried shrimp, two-and-half pounds of onion rings and fries, turkey salad with onion, peppers and cherry tomatoes with blue cheese dressing, salt, pepper and garlic powder, half-dozen soft onion rolls with assorted cheeses, chilled apple juice and milk.

Last Words and such: In a brief statement from the death house gurney, Manns criticized his lawyers for what he said was an unjust trial and an appeals lawyer for what he contended were phony appeals claims. But he thanked another appeals attorney for taking on his case when the lawyer no longer was supposed to be involved. "I'm ready for the transition," he said. Manns then uttered what appeared to be a brief prayer three times, "From Allah he came and from Allah he shall return."