Tuesday, November 11, 2008

October 29, 2008

Last Meal: Wright had a final meal request of two double cheese burgers with everything, 2 baked potatoes with butter, large salad with ranch dressing, 1 pitcher of milk, any dessert, and 4 dinner rolls.

Last Words and such: Proclaiming his innocence, Wright said from the death chamber gurney, "There's been a lot of confusion who done this," Wright ."There's been a lot of confusion who done this. I never sold anything to anyone. My only act or involvement was not telling on him. John Adams was the one that killed Donna Vick. The evidence proves that. ... I was in the bathroom when he attacked. I ran into the bedroom. By the time I came in, when I tried to help her with first aid it was too late." He said an innocent man was being put to death and said he loved his family. "I'll be waiting on y'all. I am finished talking."