Friday, November 07, 2008

August 14, 2008

Last Meal: Rodriguez had a final meal request of a spicy fried chicken breast, grilled pork steak with grilled onions, a bacon cheeseburger with everything, a fresh garden salad with French dressing and French fries with ketchup.

Last Words and such: Michael Rodriguez's final statement was: “Yes, I do. I know this in no way makes up for all the pain and suffering I gave you. I am so, so sorry. My punishment is nothing compared to the pain and suffering I have caused. I hope that someday you can find peace. I am not strong enough to ask forgiveness because I don’t know if I am worthy. I realize what I’ve done to you and the pain I’ve given. Please Lord forgive me. I have done some horrible things. I ask the Lord to please forgive me. I have gained nothing, but just brought sorry and pain to the wonderful people. I am sorry - so, so sorry. To the Sanchez family who showed me love and to the Hawkins family, I am sorry. I know I have affected them for so long. Please forgive me. Irene [his spiritual advisor], I want to thank you for being with me on Death Row and walking with me and helping me find Christ’s love. These last few steps I must walk alone. Thank you and thank your husband, Jack. I’ll be waiting for you. I am so sorry. To these families, I ask forgiveness. Father God, I ask you, too, for your forgiveness. I am ready to go Lord. Thank you. I am ready to go."