Monday, January 19, 2009

November 21, 2008

Last Meal: Chapman had a final meal request of a medium rare 32-ounce steak, shrimp, salad and banana creme pie.

Last Words and such: "I don't know why I did the thing that I did, and I know the hate of me over that night must be overwhelming, but Carolyn and Courtney you have to know that wasn't who I was or am," Chapman wrote in a statement he gave to Warden Tom Simpson to read. "I am not a monster even though I did a monstrously evil thing. That is why I give my life willing as well as quickly in hopes that you know how truly sorry I am. I hurt and ache daily for the loss I've created in the Marksberrys' family, but I hurt as well. I don't know if I deserve heaven after what I did, but I pray with all my heart that I find some sort of peace and happiness after my last breath."

After Simpson read the statement, Chapman looked toward the room where Marksberry and family members were scheduled to view the execution, and apologized again. His voice shook, and he had tears in his eyes.