Thursday, September 11, 2003

Ciro C. of Toulouse, France

Antipasti with one slice of Parma ham, canned-artichokes (Italian style) and assorted pickles to wake up my not-too-dead stomach. A small bowl of minestrone soup, a small serving of baby-lettuce salad with chopped nuts, sliced palm-tree hearts, roquefort cheese, balsamic vinegar and a fresh soft bun with butter would do the warm-up, following by an entrée of 2 lb lean pork-loin roasted to perfection with onions and four medium skim-less potatoes in a real wood-oven (it all must be, literally, swimming in Portuguese extra-virgin olive oil), no greenies and boring carrots please, but instead; a side-order of very hot steamed garlic rice (Brazilian style). Finally, to keep the stylish last meal, some creamy camembert cheese with a couple of crackers would precede the desert of frozen-vanilla & champagne biscuit cake, with half-melted Toblerone chocolate on the top. 4 cans of Classic Coke and 2 expressos.


Tyler H. of parts unknown..

Note: all items must be brought to me on silver plates, with silverware, in this order: Loaf of freshly baked honey-wheat bread, Romaine lettuce salad with grape tomatos and Ceasar dressing, Mashed Potatos with lots of butter, salt, pepper, Bowl of Corn with butter, salt, pepper (Corn and potatos may be mixed), 16oz Filet Mignon (Rare, bloody) Blackened, wrapped in Bacon, One angry as shit before he was boiled Maine Lobster, Glass of ice water
Shirley Temple with extra Grenadine served in large martini glass, Pint of Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream (new spoon at this point, must be wooden), A collective blow job from the Ravens Cheerleading Squad (to be given while eating Ben and Jerry's), Hash Brownies made from the finest emerald nuggets (after blow job), Opiate derived painkillers (at least 5 Percocets, preferably 10)


Hannah from Los Angeles, CA

a dozen krispy kreme donuts glazed, one slice of carrot cake, a pint of haagen daz vanilla ice cream, hershey's chocolate, slice of cheesecake, pad thai, chicken curry, naan with raita, steak fajitas with guacamole, bruschetta with crusty sourdough bread, lemon merengue pie, brownies, milk


diggs from parts unknown

who the hell wants to eat??? how about a hooker?