Tuesday, April 29, 2003


Chris M. of our Nation's Capitol has a lot of time on his hands. (No government worker jokes, please!) Chris has FOUR different meal scenairos.

DME Editor sidebar...Chris is our first reader to have something from Braum's. DME.com like Braum's. We lived there during grad school and highly recommend the Praline and Cream Malt with extra Malt....

They are....

First request (The "Gorging Because I Can" Request) -- 4 rotisserie chickens with skin extra crispy; 4 porterhouse steaks medium rare; mashed potatoes and cream gravy; 4 baked potatoes with sour green, butter and chives; 4 lbs of bacon fried crispy; french fries with chili and cheese and extra ketchup; 4 gallons of strawberry ice cream; 4 chocolate malts; 4 12oz cups of strawberry soda.

Second Request (The "What I Really Like And A Lot Of It" Request) -- One 16oz New York strip steak grilled medium rare with dry rub; Broccoli, carrots, onions, green peppers saute'ed in garlic butter; Steamed asparagus with butter; Spaghetti with tomato sauce, large meatballs and fresh parmesan cheese grated on top; One fried chicken breast; French fries with extra ketchup; One burger-you-flip-over with cheese and a green pepper on top; One tall Jim Beam & Coke (not allowed); One tall old fashioned (not allowed); One gallon of cookies & cream ice cream with chocolate syrup, whipped cream and four cherries.

Third Request (The "F U Warden" Request) -- 10 lbs of dungeoness crab legs; Mahi Mahi with truffle butter glaze; steak tartare; one pot roast shaped to look like the head of George W. Bush (I can at least dream he's being cooked right?); 2 gallons of great white shark fin soup; 2 entire servings of Baked Alaska; bananas foster; a cherry limeade from Braum's in Tulsa, OK; cookies made by my grandmother (who is dead).

Fourth Request (The "World Peace" Request) -- The Love Of My Lord And Savior Jesus Christ