Tuesday, April 22, 2003

DME.COM Reader Last Meals

Pokey straps on the feed bag...and where does one find a six-pack of p****???

pokey j., from arlington, va, april 22, 2003

the menu: 1 dozen maryland alpha-male blue crabs steamed with old bay. 1 angry four pound lobster, preferably named Pinchy, boiled. 6 choice large scallops wrapped in amish bacon, sauteed in butter and organic garlic to perfection. 1/4 pound jumbo peel and eat shrimp (warm) with cocktail sauce. 3 pounds gourmet butter, melted. 1 eighteenth century italian marble crab hammer. 1 roll super absorbent paper towels (brawny will do). 1 spiffy lobster bib. 1 amish bacon wrapped filet mignon, medium. 1 large bowl of homemade fettuccini alfredo. 1 loaf hearth-baked italian bread with oil and seasoning for dipping. 1 appropriate dipping plate. 1 tossed organic dinner salad with italian dressing. 1 shaker each salt and pepper. 1 six pack of coke. 1 case heineken cold. 1 pack marlboro lights. 1 appropriate place setting- linens, candles, ambiance, music and lighting. For dessert, 1 steak and cheese plain with extra cheese from Giovanni's. 1 six pack pussy.

Timmy D keeps it real...no ice cream preference noted...just ice cream...

timmy d. from parts unkown, april 22, 2003

the menu: 7 pizza pies, 4 mountain dews, 8 tubs of ice cream

Lillian with some Tab...Do they still make Tab? I recall it as the most unpleasant drink ever.

lillian, from new york, april 22, 2003

the menu: 1 or 2 slices of thin crust extra cheese pizza and two Tabs, peanut butter and jelly sandwich on wonder bread with milk, coffee ice-cream with chocolate sauce.