Tuesday, May 13, 2003

DME.COM reader's last meals...

Lobster, Lobster, uh....not Lobster.

larry d.., from tampa, fl., may 13, 2003 Key Lime Pie, baby! Though the appeal of non-alcholic beer has always eludes us.

the menu: A 16 oz. RIbeye, medium rare, with an 16 oz. broiled Maine lobster tail with lots of drawn butter, Ceasar's Salad WITH ANCHOVIES, Side of baked potato with butter, sour cream, chives, cheddar cheese and real bacon bits, 6-pack of St. Pauli's Girl NON ALCOHOLIC beer, Quart of whole milk and a whole Key Lime Pie to finish off the meal. Finally, a pot of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee and a couple of hand rolled cigars to top it all off. And TWO Valiums 30 minutes prior to the injection.

susan, from west texas, may 13, 2003. Lemon Meringue Pie, baby!

the menu:sour cream. (I Like Butter huh?) Iced Tea with Sweet N Low. (How long do I get.?? I may need to rest in between the meal and desert....) Lemon Meringue pie made with eagle Brand Milk...Cup of coffee.

mjw., from houston, tx., may 13, 2003

the menu: As a former 5-year employee of TDCJ-ID [aka the Texas Prison System], I am well versed in prison cuisine and I am not sure that it would be of much comfort in my final hours to be faced with mystery meat and funky milk. I am opposed to the death penalty [for myself and everyone else] for many reasons, ranging from philosophic to economic. I would probably choose to have food at my last meal with would react badly with the drugs used in the lethal injection -- resulting in a symbolic statement of the "mess" in our Texas judicial system. Likely, I would chose brown, green and purple foods that would make me vomit when strapped on the gurney.