Wednesday, December 10, 2003


rebecca n-b (g) of tucson,az, but originally from indianapolis, indiana straps on the feed bag...
breakfast--My homemade biscuits n gravy, 2 slices bacon, and 1/2 gallon chocolate
milk, and a newport to smoke afterwards
lunch--2 taco's from taco bell(only meat n cheese n sour cream) 44 oz mountain dew, 2 white castle's no onions with cheese, chili with cheese and cheese fries from steak n shake, glass of milk , and 2 more newports to smoke
snack--crazybread from little ceaser's and another mountain dew, and of course another smoke but this time make it a camel turkish jade
dinner--16 oz steak medium rare with plenty of a-1 steak sauce, loaded baked potato, (2)biscuits w/apple butter, coca-cola, green-beans with red potatoes and bacon in them, some of my mom's homemade choclate chip cookies,milk.home made mac n cheese,a white russian, a mudslide extra shot of vodka,3 newports to smoke
dessert--some sherbert orange and lime, and a slice of choclate pie with cool whip, a captain morgan and sprite, a bumpy face segrams gin mixed with
hawaiin punch, 2 vicodin 750's, 2 morphiene pills, 2 oxycode, 2 loratabs, and 1/2 pack of newports, 1/2 pack of camel turkish jades, then f*ck it let them take me----if I am even conscious to know what's bout to happen.


our second from Arizona...

Sandi F., Arizona--grilled salmon in garlic butter sauce, steamed broccoli with seasoned salt
roasted baby potatoes with butter, burnt English muffin with orange marmalade
beverage: raspberry ice tea
dessert: pumpkin pie with vanilla bean ice cream, with a Starbucks capuccino.


two from Chicago...

Nancy L. from Chicago--one porterhouse steak BLOODY.(lop it's horns and hooves, wipe it's ass and send it on by!), Alaskan king crab legs with lemons and clarified butter, 2 dozen baked clams(not too salty), 1 boston cream pie, 1 homemade deepdish apple pie, 1 tub of the best frozen custard there is, 3 cans of room temp spaghettios, hot baked gonella bread with loads of butter and garlic, 1 gallon of Mr. Pibb, 1 gallon of Green River- both sodas have to be nearly icing up!!!, 1 lbs of Fanny Mae mallow dips, 2 8 oz lobster tails (Australian of course), large bowl of boushala( an Assyrian dish), a bowl of golden dole pineapple and finally, 8 oz of liquid morphine to wash it all down with!!


Ninja from goes...a "Butter Bowl", which comes from Maine, which is Maine lobster tail shredded in a bowl of melted butter, 1 gallon of Greek Lemon Rice soup, 2 Double Cheeseburgers (w/o pickles) from White Castles, a Sanfrancisco Melt and a large order of onion rings from Steak 'N Shake, 6 ice-cold bottles (24 oz.) of Pepsi, and 12 Cheddar Biscuits from Red Lobster. Then, since my heart will have already stopped beating from all the cheese and butter, I'll be good to go!

All this food and no, oh, my.